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What to consider when writing an Artist Statement

There are many situations in which you will need an artist statement.

Download the following document for additional guidelines to writing an artist statement. For your next assignment you are required to write a one page single space artist statement. Initially written as a Word Document; print and turn in on Monday April 12, 2010, and post to your blog.

Artist Statements2

Expanding the vocabulary of digital…

Here are links to two websites to check out
Copyrights and Copywrongs
Creative Commons

While considering your definition, or personal viewpoint, of what is digital, think of the information presented on these websites.

Wallpaper Project Description

Please check your university email account for the wallpaper project description.

Ways to follow blogs:

1. Under the drop down menu “Blog Info” choose “Follow this Blog” – Do this for everyone in the class. To check for updates to blogs you are following – under the drop down menu “My Account” choose “Blog Surfer”

2. Email Subscriptions – I have a link in the third column…just scroll down and sign up.

Other Stuff:
You can also add links to everyone’s blog. Under the drop down menu “Blog Info” choose “Add to Blogroll”

WordPress offers an app for iphones.

Wordrpress also offers an email account to send updates to your blog from your mobile phone.

Wallpaper: useful links:

As we consider the terms ‘digital’ and ‘printmaking’ from history, we as art makers and critical thinkers, should also consider expanding their definitions to not only reflect history and culture, but as an exploration of our current times.

Listed below are links to current exhibitions, past exhibitions, and a short history of wallpaper. Here you may find contemporary artists who have used wallpaper as art.

philagrafika 2010
short history of wallpaper
Artists’ Wallpaper…
the fabric workshop and museum
“Two Coats of Painting”